What is the technology behind the Pawtect pendant?

The Pawtect pendants utilise a unique bio-energetic process combining homeopathic principles and advanced computer software technology to create a product which works with your pets unique energy. The pendant works to strengthen their immune system and create a frequency barrier around your pet that repels fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquito’s.

In collaboration with committed researchers and scientists the technology behind Pawtect is the result of more than 10 years of targeted research. This holistic energetic approach combines the knowledge of Eastern medicine with advanced Western technology and has been successfully used in Europe for many years to enhance human health and wellness.

How long will the Pawtect pendant last?

The Pawtect pendant lasts up to *24months.

  • The continued efficacy may vary depending on the environment, health and diet of your pet.
  • It is possible the Pawtect pendant will remain effective beyond the 24month period. 

How will Pawtect benefit my pet?

The Pawtect Pendants are an innovative natural solution calibrated specifically for cats and dogs to control fleas and ticks while supporting your pet attaining optimum health and vitality.

The benefits include:

  • Effectively repels fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquito’s
  • Supports a healthy skin and coat
  • Protects your pet for up to *24months
  • Assists with natural health balance
  • Minimises/eliminates skin irritations and allergies
  • Improves and strengthens your pets immune system
  • Encourages a naturally calm and content demeanour
  • Has been known to help with anxious behaviours – excess digging etc

Are there any side effects associated with using Pawtect pendants?

No. There are no side effects for pets or humans.

I have more than one pet. Do each of my pets need a Pawtect?

Yes. The Pawtect pendant works specifically with your pet’s unique energy requirements and as such each pet requires their own Pawtect pendant.

How do I attach the Pawtect pendant?

Using the ring provided attach the Pawtect pendant securely to your pet’s collar. Please ensure the Pawtect pendant is placed on top of any other tags.

My pet already has a split ring on its collar. May I add the Pawtect pendant to that?

It is important you use the ring provided as it also contains the protective frequencies which support the success of the Pawtect Pendant.

Does my pet need to wear the Pawtect pendant everyday?

Yes. The Pawtect pendant utilises your pets unique bio-energy field to build a barrier against fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquito’s and each is required to maintain maximum protective effectiveness.

During the first four weeks the Pawtect is establishing optimal resonance with your pet’s bio-energy field so it is especially important that the Pawtect remain on your pet at *all times.
* If you remove your pets collar at night please place it as close to your pet as possible.

* Please remove the Pawtect when bathing your pet during the initial four week ‘activation’ phase and replace as soon as they have had their bath. After the first four weeks the Pawtect pendant can be worn when swimming or bathing.

How do I optimally maintain the Pawtect pendant?

The Pawtect pendant is durable and will withstand normal wear and tear. In order for the pendant to maintain maximum effectiveness rinse the tag with clean water to remove dust and oils which may build up.

When does the Pawtect pendant become active?

The Pawtect pendant is active once removed from the foil packet and sets to work soon after being attached to your pets collar. Generally it takes five days for the pendant to become effective with some animals taking up to 30days depending on their diet, health and environment.
*Some people notice a difference after a few hours – particularly a more calm demeanour and less scratching.

Please note:

The protective effectiveness of the Pawtect pendant may take longer to reach maximum effectiveness in cases where your pets energy field is disrupted; for example if your pet is ill, has a high number of existing fleas (please de-flea your pet as it makes it easier for Pawtect to get on top of the situation), is eating a less than optimal diet, for several days after vaccination, is receiving medication or during times of extreme heat.

What features ensure Pawtect is an optimal flea and tick control choice for my pet?

  • Odour free
  • 100% pesticide and chemical-free
  • Hypoallergenic – a great solution for pets with sensitive skin, allergic to fleas or chemical products
  • No monthly treatments required
  • Your pet remains calm throughout application
  • Encourages a healthier animal through supporting their immune system
  • Lightweight, stylish and durable
  • Long-lasting – lasts up to 24months
  • Does not interfere with medication
  • Calibrated specifically for cats and dogs
  • Safe to use on kittens, puppies, lactating and elderly cats and dogs
  • Can be used as the sole protection for animals with mild to moderate flea conditions and as an additional repelling/supportive measure for those with persistent flea problems.

How will using Pawtect for my pet benefit me?

The Pawtect Pendants are:

  • Easy to attach
  • Your animal remains calm throughout application
  • Odour and Chemical-free
  • No monthly treatments required
  • Effective and longlasting
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% safe for people and pets
  • Economical – more cost effective over a year than most liquid applications
  • Encourages optimum health and longevity through supporting your pets immune system

Is Pawtect similar to the magnetic tags on the market?

No. With Pawtect the pendant remains effective regardless of the way the unit is facing and is not adversely affected by magnets. Pawtect uses no electrical, magnetic, chemical or thermal energy.

When may Pawtect be less effective?

The protective effectiveness of the Pawtect pendant may temporarily vary in cases where your pets vibrational field is disrupted; for example if your pet is ill, eating a less than optimal diet, for several days after vaccination or during times of extreme heat.

The Pawtect pendants focus during these times is to support your pet regaining optimal health balance in the body.

Does Pawtect kill fleas and ticks?

No. Pawtect provides natural protection against fleas and ticks and works best when the animal is flea free or has minimal fleas from the start. However as you will read in some of the testimonials it has been known to rid a dog of a severe flea infestation when even the chemicals applications were not working. *Please remember that flea infestations are the result of environmental fleas – it’s essential to tackle your environment also.

Will my pet always be flea and tick free when wearing a Pawtect pendant?

Many of the pets wearing Pawtect have been flea and tick free from the start. However, just as with chemical topical solutions there may be an occasional time over the summer [primarily] when your pet has a few fleas or the occasional tick if exposed to highly populated areas. It isn’t common but it is important to us that you are aware there is a possibility.
There are additional support measures you can undertake at this time as in the pdf document ‘Summer Flea Control’. **The products mentioned in the document are available for purchase.
If your pet experiences a specific challenge whether wearing a Pawtect pendant or when using another flea and tick control option we welcome your questions and will do our best to assist. pawtectinfo@pawtect.com

**If you are purchasing outside of New Zealand please check the products will be allowed entry as no responsibility or liability will be taken for items stopped by customs. No Pawtect pendant has been prevented from entering a country to date…this is just a caution if your country has particularly strict rules.** Australia has one of the most strict policies and Pawtect’s are shipped there every month with no problems. 🙂

How effective is the protection from the Pawtect pendant in high flea population areas?

The bio-energetic technology utilised with the Pawtect pendants creates protection around your pet using their immune system as an anchoring point for optimising their resistance to fleas, ticks and mosquito’s. The pendants will protect them in general circumstances and even under most conditions where there are additional sources of fleas. ie visiting other dogs and the park etc.

However, when taking your pet to a new environment where fleas and ticks are highly concentrated (dusty environments, the beach etc) your pet may require a multifaceted approach. Please see recommended products for suggestions.

The multiple physical and environmental changes occurring can initially challenge the Pawtect’s beyond their capacity. The Pawtect pendants will need time to adjust to the new environment and frequencies. As you will read in the testimonials we do have animals in rural environments successfully wearing Pawtect’s.

Pawtect is not designed for farm animals. While we do have several working farm dogs wearing Pawtect pendants they are being used to improve the animals health and reduce the number of fleas and ticks rather than an expectation to control them. The high level of fleas and ticks on farms during summer is too great for the Pawtect pendant to manage alone.

If you have additional questions please email us: pawtectinfo@pawtect.com

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