Written Testimonials

March 2015
“My dogs Sam and Barney have had the Pawtect pendants on their dog collars for nearly 2 years now. They are so easy to attach and I have had no losses, which is amazing considering how active both my dogs are!

Both dogs have benefited from the Pawtect pendants, but it has been most noticeable in the older of the two jack russells, Barney, who has become far less hyper and much more laid back with its usage.

I am most impressed with the results obtained, hence the renewal of 2 more new Pawtect flea and tick repellants.”

Sandra Holt
Porongia, New Zealand




February 2014
“When I read the information about the Pawtect pendant, I wondered how it could possibly work.”

I love my Tibetan Terrier, Ragz, so pouring chemicals on him every couple of months felt like an act of betrayal! But with a breed that’s notorious for having flea allergies it seemed as if there was no alternative if I wanted to avoid dealing with the aftermath of a flea bite; weeping eczema and expensive trips to the vet. But one day, after pouring the chemical cocktail on him, I started searching for alternatives.

I found the Pawtect website and, while I’m an avid fan of alternative treatments, I wondered how it could possibly work! Testimonials from other pet owners convinced me to give it a go.

Fast forward 2 years. I’ve just bought Ragz’ second Pawtect. He’s never had a flea or tick in the whole time he’s worn the Pawtect pendant. In the photo he’s wearing 2 pendants; the old pendant providing overlapping protection until the new one is fully functional in a few weeks.

I’ve recommended Pawtect to every dog owner I know and in our small community of Raglan there are a growing number of Pawtect fans – and more importantly, flea free, happy dogs!
with warm regards,

Stephanie Philp (and Ragz)


January 2014
“Pawtect is amazing. We have just purchased our second pendant, having got the first one 2 years ago after a friend recommended it.

Since we have been using Pawtect our dog has enjoyed a flea and chemical free life – she has loads of vitality and energy and runs around the beach like a puppy!

I highly recommend this product to any loving dog owner, it is natural so great for your dog’s health and there’s no trying to remember to put flea treatments on each month, you won’t regret buying one that’s for sure.”

Janine L
Auckland, New Zealand


March 2013
“My adorable Burmese, Lilly and I have been together for 12 wonderful years.

She is loving and loyalty however, in the past was often erratic in her behaviour and at times, spraying the house and just appearing a little unsettled on occasions.

When I heard about Pawtect I loved the idea that it was a chemical free way to control fleas and mites but the other advantage was that I learnt it could help ‘settle’ pets. So I got one for Lilly and within the first 2 months saw a notable decrease in her erratic behavior.

Now 2 years on, I have enjoyed a loving flea free cat, who hasn’t sprayed my home for nearly 2 years and who is settled and content in life.

Thank you Pawtect…”

Sally Brigg
Queensland Australia


July 8th 2012
“I bought a Pawtect for my 13.5yr female Labrador in April 2012 to help ward of the few fleas she was having.

I have never used any topical flea products but always used to flea comb her, but now that she is older and has little warts I can’t use the flea comb any more.
We never expected any other changes than the fleas disappearing (which they did)…..but were pleasantly surprised in an enormous improvement in her mobility!
She used to be hesitant about getting up or jumping up on the sofa or our bed. Now she will get up at the drop of a hat to investigate what is going on and happily jump on the sofa and bed again. Her walks used to ambling around the block and she is now trotting on her street walks and running on the beach!
I would heartily recommend a Pawtect to anyone for their dog, alongside a cleanup of all the toxic products you might have been using on and around them and a natural diet!”

Susie Londer
Association of Pet Dog Trainers


April 16th, 2012
“I’m pleased to say that after a slow start, Pawtect has kicked in and my cats have been flea free for more than 6 months. Advantage had stopped working even though I used it religiously and they both had loads of fleas towards the end of last year. Even the vet was surprised! ”

Jenny Lovegrove


December 7th, 2011
“Otis is one lucky dog. Not only did he get rescued by me as a 5 week old pup riddled with worms and being fed on boiled potatoes but he was also one of the first puppies to trial Pawtect pendants in NZ.
With fantastic Vet care to get rid of his worm burden, and balanced raw feeding he is a strapping lad now with energy to burn and a passion for people.Last weekend we spent two days on a cattle farm with two other dogs. Three out of the four dogs were wearing a Pawtect. The only dog to pick up ticks during the weekend was the one dog NOT WEARING a Pawtect. I know how tricky those ticks can be so I have been checking my fur-babies daily for ticks and I can confidently say that they (along with their other Pawtect wearing friends) are tick free.
My dogs will never be without their pendants.
I believe this is the most incredible anti-flea and tick product on the market and I am delighted Otis has been one of the first to trial this new chemical-free technology. ”

Fiona Tomlinson
Animal Photographer


January 23rd, 2012

“We have 2 dogs, including one who’s only a puppy at 7 months old – and they’re both responding really well to Pawtect. We live in Woodhill Forest, west of Auckland, where the ticks (from wild deer in the forest) are terrible at this time of year! But Pawtect seems to have solved the problem, as previously we were having to dose them with topical chemical applications every 3-4 weeks for adequate protection. So thanks for such a great product, it’s a relief not to be putting so many nasty chemicals on our dogs anymore. ”

Michelle + Jake, Rodney.


“Ed’s been wearing his Pawtect for about six weeks now. We’re well into December and he should be scratching like a scratchy-thing … but not a twitch. He spent a few days last week hanging out with cattle beasts and normally brings home a pet tick or two, but he remains free of those suckers, too! Happiness Filled!”

Erin Fogarty – Auckland


Dear Sonja,

“We just wanted to let you know that the Pawtect pendants are working a treat, both Ruby & Elle, our miniature schnauzers, also send their thanks.

Our experience has been excellent from five points –
1) We hated putting chemicals on the dogs every month
2) The Pawtect pendants are a long lasting clip and go option
3) The cost of the alternative treatment just keeps rising
4) Their skin and coats are very healthy
5) They were calm on a 10day road trip where we stayed with new people and dogs nearly everyday.

We wish you and your great product every success. ”

Warm Regards
John, Lyn, Ruby and Elle
Kerikeri, New Zealand


” My two Jack Russells have had Pawtect on their collars for 24 months. Russ and Rubie have been flea and tick free plus their skin, coat and overall health has improved. I am so happy to have found a chemical-free solution and it looks cute too. I highly recommend anyone who loves their pet to try this amazing technology.

J.Hudson, Auckland – 2013


“We’re loving the Pawtect pendant. Monkey has been flea free and hooning around like a kitten. ”

R.Money, Auckland – June 2011

“The Pawtect pendant is GREAT – thank you! Nelson has been calm and settled. When he was getting a haircut, the pet groomer commented on how calm he was, even getting his face hair cut.”

K.O’Brien, Hawkes Bay – June 2011



“Mopar is our family pet. He is a nine year old Staffordshire bullterrier. Until this summer we have managed to keep fleas at bay using common commercial / veterinarian remedies but this summer they failed us.

We live in a rural environment, Mopar is around stock and my horses all the time. He is always rummaging into rabbit holes and rolling, not only in the long grass and dust, but also in many other smelly things. He thinks he smells and looks great. With the extreme heat we had this summer these are places that fleas thrive, and our country pets find them so easily. This is where the never ending battle with fleas started.

Mopar was infested with fleas, large and small. He became listless and was tormented by them. His weight fell, his coat looked dull and his eyes said a thousand words of discomfort. Even his normal staunch stance became crooked, as the fleas wandered freely over his body, he was so unhappy.

He then discovered that by scratching himself under the car and any other low lying object would relieve the itch for a minute or two, but by doing this he wore the fur and skin off, to form a bloodied’ weepy sore about the size of an old fifty cent piece on the base of his tail. This just made another problem.

I was washing him every day, trying anything to help overcome his flea problem. I was prepared to try anything, I just wanted him to feel better. I went to the vet, in fact three different one’s and they all assured me that by continuing the commercial treatment they would eventually go. Well they didn’t.

I was talking to a friend of mine with dogs and she told me about the Pawtect pendant. I arranged to get one, and when told it is a natural remedy I was even more into it.

Within only a few days after putting on his tag, things started taking a turn for the better. Mopar almost instantly started bouncing back. I noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of fleas we could see on his body. His constant itching virtually stopped, the relief on his face was apparent, Mopar was standing like a staffy should – Proud and staunch. He spent the rest of the summer 99% flea free and back to his happy go lucky self. His weight is back up to 19 kilo’s, his coat is shiny and his eyes are sparkling again. The patch where he rubbed raw has now started to grow over.

I took Mopar off the commercial remedy and have not put him back on it. I believe the Pawtect is what has fixed and is keeping the fleas away. I am not having to wash his bedding daily, as there aren’t any fleas there either, although I think Mopar misses the warm fabric of his bag straight out of the dryer.

I recommend this product to any dog owner. Mopar is never without his little bullet hanging from his collar. It is the best flea investment I have made. When you calculate how much we spend on commercial flea remedies it will blow you away. Not only does this product work, but it is exceptional value for money. The Pawtect pendant lasts two years. ”
Paula Taylor & Mopar, Kaukapakapa Auckland – May 2011

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